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This driver is used for all sensor operation when the sensor is in configuration mode (DFU mode) and zForce Programmer will not work without it.

  1. Start by downloading the DfuSeDemo from STMicroelectronics website. It can be found here:
  2. Install the DfuSeDemo.
  3. Connect the sensor and set it in DFU mode by holding down the button on the interface board and simultaneously connecting the sensor to the PC.
  4. Open the Device Manager
    1. This can be done by opening the start menu and searching for "Device Manager"
  5. Locate the "STM32 Bootloader"
    1. Right click this device and select "Uninstall Device Driver"
    2. If given the option to select a checkbox, select it and continue.
  6. Navigate to the path of DfuSeDemo and go to Bin\Driver\Win10 and install the driver for your system (32-bit or 64-bit). Example of full path: (C:\Program Files (x86)\STMicroelectronics\Software\DfuSe v3.0.6\Bin\Driver\Win10)
  7. Sometimes you may have to restart your PC in order for the changes to take effect.
  8. Done.
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