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Since the Touch Sensor Module is recognized as a HID touchscreen digitizer by the host system, the Plug-and-Play support allows an easy upgrade on existing systems. To upgrade an existing system, the sensor module will simply work upon plug-and-play if supported. The sensor module can also be implemented or configured using the evaluation tools (i.e. Workbench, example-SDK, Arduino Library), or a custom solution through USB HID or I2C.


The Touch Sensor Module can then be positioned underneath the projection plate, where its interactive area (TAA) is covering the projected image. Please refer to Optical Requirements on External Window for optical requirements.


The Touch Sensor Module can send touch notifications through USB HID pipe or I2C. The parallel plane or holographic display solution can be implemented quickly with our Sensor Evaluation Tools

To create a custom solution on a system of your choice, please refer to Get Started with Software Integration

For further information, please refer to Neonode Support Team.

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