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Neonode may make changes to specifications and product descriptions at any time, without notice. Do not finalize a design with this information. Neonode­ assumes no liability for applications assistance or customer product design. Customers are responsible for their products and applications using Neonode components. To minimize the risks associated with customer products and applications, customers should provide adequate design and operating safeguards.

Neonode components are neither designed nor intended for use in FDA Class III applications, or similar life-critical medical equipment. Customers acknowledge and agree that they will not use any Neonode components in FDA Class III applications, or similar life-critical medical equipment, and that Neonode will not be responsible for any failure to meet the requirements of such applications or equipment.

No part of the materials contained in any Neonode document may be copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated or reduced to any electronic medium or machine-readable form, in whole or in part, without specific written permission from Neonode Inc.

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