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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space DOCSDK and version 2.2.4

Install the SDK and start building your own applications for interacting with the sensorTouch Sensor Module. You can also run the included example program to immediately start communicating with the sensor module

Downloading zForce SDK

Download the SDK from

Preparing the system for installing and running SDK programs


The example program is included in the SDK for two reasons, to allow you to start communicating with the sensor the Touch Sensor Module and to serve as a starting point for creating your own application. 


  1. Open the solution file zForceSDK-Example.slndo either of the following: 
    1. Open it from Visual Studio 2017.
    2. Open it from the File Explorer.
  2. Make sure that the configuration is set to “x64”. 
  3. Select build type: Release or Debug
  4. Select Build>>Build Build » Build Solution in the menu. 
    Result: the directory zForceSDK is created.


  1. From the File Explorer, open the folder zForceSDK\Windows\x86-64.
  2. Copy zForce.dll.
  3. Open the folder zForceSDK\x64
  4. Paste zForce.dll into the subfolder Release or the subfolder Debug (either will be present depending on the selected configuration)
  5. Select either
    1. Debug >>Start » Start Debugging, or
    2. Debug >>Start » Start without Debugging

Repeat steps 1 to 4 whenever you change the build type (Release or Debug).