Contents of Release

  • Support for multiple sensors at the same time.
  • Support for both older and newer firmwares.
  • Several bugs fixed.

New features in Release 0.5.0

  • Support for using multiple sensors at the same time in the SDK using Asn1Protocol and HidPipeTransport.


  • The SDK can now communicate with both older and newer firmwares. When using multiple sensors, the SDK automatically identifies how to communicate with each sensor.

Fixed bugs

  • The SDK is now able to find, and use a device every time. Previously 5-10% of the time the device was not found.
  • The queuing module had a rare bug, that, when triggered, crashed the program using the SDK, due to a race condition.

Known deviations

  • There are currently no known deviations.

Known limitations

  • Not all commands available in the protocol are implemented yet in the SDK.
  • The SDK header files do not work under MSVC if run in C++ mode.
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