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Hardware Requirements

CPU: 1 GHz

RAM: 512 MB

Disk Space: 50 MB

Operating System Requirements

Windows 10

Software Requirements

Installing zForce Programmer

  1. Download the zForce Programmer .zip file from our download section.
  2. Unpack the .zip file
  3. Run the application by double clicking the zForceProgrammer.exe file.

Update Firmware

  1. Connect a Touch Sensor Module to the PC.
  2. Click "Open Firmware File" and locate the desired firmware that you would like to write to the sensor. Currently only supports ".dfu" files.
  3. Click Write Firmware and wait for the process to complete. During this stage, do NOT disconnect the sensor.
    1. If the sensor would disconnect or the firmware update fails:
      1. Disconnect the sensor.
      2. Press and hold the button on the interface board.
      3. Connect the sensor again while still holding the button.
      4. Make sure the sensor appears in the sensor list and click "Write Firmware" again.

Read and Write Parameters

This functionality is only available on NTSM Firmware 2.0 or above.

Read Parameters

  1. Click "Toggle Parameters View"
  2. Click "Read Parameters"
    1. This should fill the Read Area with all the current parameters in the sensor.

Write Parameters

Before writing any parameters, it is recommended to first read the parameters from the sensor. Reading the parameters is also a requirement for the Scanning Range field to be populated.

  1. Set the desired parameters in the Write Area. The blank fields and checkboxes that are filled with a black square will not be written to the sensor.
    1. Any changes to a pair of settings, for example "Min X and Max X" requires both fields of the pair to be filled. If only one field of the pair is filled in, a warning will be presented with a pop up window.
    2. It is also possible to copy the values from the Read Field to the Write Field by clicking the button "Copy to Write Field".
  2. Click the "Write Parameters" button in order to write the parameters to the sensor.

Saving and Loading Parameters

zForce Programmer also offers the functionality to save/load parameters to/from a .json file.

  1. Write in all the desired parameters, and click "Save To File" and save it at your desired location.
  2. Load parameters from a file by clicking "Load From File" and locate the desired .json file containing the parameters.

Leave Configuration Mode

When a read or write is performed, the sensor will enter a configuration mode (DFU mode) and will stay in that mode until the "Leave Configuration Mode" button is clicked or until the program closes. While the sensor is in the configuration mode it will not report any touches or have any other functionality enabled.

Workbench and zForce Programmer

It is recommended to NOT run zForce Programmer and Neonode Workbench simultaneously as that could interfere with the communication between the sensor and either of the applications.

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