iOS is not supported since iOS has not support for HID (Human Interface Device). One way to bridge the sensor and iOS is to turn the sensor into a Bluetooth device using appropriate Arduino board. 

The following Arduino boards come with Bluetooth built-in:

      • Nano 33 BLE
      • Nano 33 IoT
      • UNO WiFi Rev 2
      • MKR WiFi 1010
      • MKR Vidor 4000
      • Portenta H7

Based on Neonode's Arduino Lib customer should create own Arduino-project together with a Bluetooth lib which translate touches to Bluetooth HID. This is to be implemented by experienced in the area engineers since Neonode does not provide support to arrange the set-up.

Please contact Neonode Support team for further information.

Kind Regards,
Neonode Support Team