You can download the new FW and the zForceProgrammer on Neonode Downloads site.

If you want to flash FW older than 2.0 you need to unpack the .nfp file supplied with the FW package before the installation. Inside the unpacked folder you will find all dfu/hex files that are required by zForceProgrammer.

  1. Connect the sensor to the computer
  2. Start the zForceProgrammer application and make sure the sensor is detected by zForceProgrammer:

  3. Push Open Firmware File button and choose the right dfu/hex file for the FW

    If because of some reason it fails:

  4. Try to set the sensor into DFU mode by holding down the black button on the interface board while connecting to the computer and release once connected:

  5. Proceed with Open Firmware File button.

Please contact Neonode Support team for further information.

Kind Regards,
Neonode Support Team