Neonode Prototyping Board (NPB) is discontinued, however, it can be produced by customers with help of our drawings available on Download site, Hardware. Note! that Existing NPB with Product Number NNAMCDEB01001 does not support Arduino IDE versions higher than 1.6.x!

Here are some tips when configuring the board:

  1. Make sure that no other program like zForceProgrammer, Workbench, Raspberry Pi or Arduino are up and running. Neither should any other program or application that may try to connect to the NPB over serial connection be running as this can prevent Ide from uploading to the NPB.

  2. To connect a microcontroller to the NBP use micro USB connector.

  3. Verify that you have added the “Neonode Prototyping Board” URL to the “Additional Boards Manager” under “File >> Preferences” in the IDE:

  4. Verify that the “Neonode Prototyping Board.” Shows up as a serial port.

  5. Verify that you have chosen the correct Programmer:

  6. Verify that the NPB shows up as a serial port.

  7. Make sure DATA_READY pin is set to a correct value in the Arduino Program (.ino). This is a common mistake customers make (ex. #define DATA_READY 1).

Please contact Neonode Support team for further information.

Kind Regards,
Neonode Support Team