The example program is included in the SDK for two reasons, to allow you to start communicating with the Touch Sensor Module and to serve as a starting point for creating your own application. 

This is the algorithm implemented by the program.

  1. Initialize the Touch Sensor Module.
  2. Initiate signal handler (CTRL+C for shutdown).
  3. Create a new connection to device using HID Pipe.
  4. Connect to device using connection from step 3.
  5. Read response from connection.
  6. Optional: Search for platform device.
  7. Search for the Touch Sensor Module.
  8. Send command Set Operation Modes to the Touch Sensor Module.
  9. Loop until interrupt signal from user (CTRL+C).
    1. Read incoming message.
    2. Dump incoming message (display it for the user).
    3. If incoming message is OperationModesMessageType
      1. Send command Get Mcu Unique Identifier to the Touch Sensor Module.
    4. If incoming message is McuUniqueIdentifierMessageType
      1. Send command Set Enable to the Touch Sensor Module.
  10. Disconnect connection.
  11. Free up connection memory.
  12. Uninitialize the Touch Sensor Module.

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