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Supported Operating Systems


Supported from SDK version

Linux, kernel 2.6.39 or higher0.1.0
  • Tested on several kernels up to and including 4.10.0.
  • Tested with make version 4.1.
  • To run a program that uses the SDK, libudev must be installed.
  • To build a program that uses the SDK, libudev development files need to be installed (tested on version 204-5).
Windows 8 or higher0.4.0
  • Built and tested on Windows 10 with all updates as of 2021-07-06.
  • zForceSDK-Example solution built with Visual Studio 2017.

Supported CPUs

CPU Architecture

Supported from SDK version

64-bit x86-640.1.0Built and tested on PC.Windows 8 - 10 & Linux
32-bit ARMv6+VFP20.3.0

Built and tested on Raspberry Pi 3


Supported Programming Languages


Supported from SDK version


Supported Transports


Supported from SDK version

Plugged in by user0.1.0
USB Hidpipe0.2.0

Note: I2C using Interface Board (purchased before 2017) and USB CDC are no longer supported. 

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