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SerialTransport.h File Reference

Serial Transport class. More...

#include <Transport.h>
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struct  SerialTransport
 Struct containing the SerialTransport information. More...


 Buffer size used when reading.


typedef struct SerialTransport SerialTransport


DLLINTERNAL bool SerialTransport_AddSerialTransportEntry (void)
 Internal call to add a SerialTransport to the list of available transports. More...

Detailed Description

Serial Transport class.

This module implements the Serial Transport class. Here we find all that is essential for a Serial Transport.

Typedef Documentation

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struct SerialTransport

Function Documentation

DLLINTERNAL bool SerialTransport_AddSerialTransportEntry ( void  )

Internal call to add a SerialTransport to the list of available transports.

This is the method used to add a SerialTransport which can be used for communication.

Upon error the errno variable is set as follows:

  • EALREADYADDED - A Transport matching the name and data frame type has already been added.
  • EOUTOFMEMORY - The memory used to store Transport details has been exhausted.
  • EMUTEXLOCKFAILED - We couldn't lock a mutex we need for an internal critical section. This should not happen.
  • EBADMUTEX - We tried to use a mutex internally but it wasn't a valid mutex. This should not happen.
  • EPARAMETERSTRINGTOOLONG - The option parameter string is longer than the MaxOptionParameterLength.
True if the SerialTransport has been added. Otherwise false which indicates failure and the errno variable should be inspected for the reason why.