Neonode zForce(TM) SDK
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 AirDevice.hHandles requests to the AirDevice
 Asn1Protocol.hImplementation of Neonode's ASN.1 based protocol
 Connection.hHandles connections
 CoreDevice.hHandles requests to the CoreDevice
 DataFrame.hDataFrame base
 DetectedObjectSizeRestrictionMessage.hA DetectedObjectSizeRestrictionMessage contains Detected Object Size Restrictions of a Device
 Device.hBase Device class
 DisableMessage.hA DisableMessage that disables a Device
 EnableMessage.hAn EnableMessage that enables a Device
 FingerFrequencyMessage.hA FingerFrequencyMessage
 FlipXYMessage.hA FlipXYMessage that contains a bool for wether the axes are flipped or not
 FloatingProtectionMessage.hA FloatingProtectionMessage configures the floating protection for the device
 HidDisplaySizeMessage.hA HidDisplaySizeMessage that contains the Hid Display Size
 HidPipeTransport.hTransport module to connect to devices over Hid Pipe
 HidPipeTransportEnumeration.hEnumeration module to keep track of physically connected devices over USB HID
 IdleFrequencyMessage.hAn IdleFrequencyMessage
 LightingDevice.hHandles requests to the LightingDevice
 McuUniqueIdentifierMessage.hBrief description of module's purpose
 MergeTouchesMessage.hA MergeTouchesMessage sets the mode for the device to handle all simultaneous touching objects as one large object
 Message.hBase class for all Messages
 NumberOfTrackedObjectsMessage.hA NumberOfTrackedObjectsMessage
 OffsetMessage.hAn OffsetMessage that contains the Offset a Device is set to
 OperationModesMessage.hAn OperationModesMessage contains the modes the Device is set to
 OsAbstractionLayer.hOs Abstraction Layer
 PlatformDevice.hHandles requests to the PlatformDevice
 PlusDevice.hHandles requests to the PlusDevice
 Protocol.hThis module implements the Protocol base class
 Queue.hGeneric Queue handling
 ReflectiveEdgeFilterMessage.hA ReflectiveEdgeFilterMessage contains the modes the Device is set to
 ResolutionMessage.hA ResolutionMessage that contains the Resolution a Device is set to
 ReverseTouchActiveAreaMessage.hA ReverseTouchActiveAreaMessage contains the Touch Active Area of a Device
 SensorDevice.hHandles requests to the SensorDevice, a meta device
 SerialTransport.hSerial Transport class
 TouchActiveAreaMessage.hA TouchActiveAreaMessage contains the Touch Active Area of a Device
 TouchMessage.hAn TouchMessage contains the Data of a Touch
 TouchModeMessage.hA TouchModeMessage sets the touch mode for the device
 Transport.hTransport Base class
 zForce.hMain structure for the SDK library