Neonode zForce(TM) SDK
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Device Struct Reference

Brief Device base class. More...

#include <Device.h>

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Public Attributes

 Pointer to zForce.
 The Connection this Device is part of.
DeviceType DeviceType
 Which type of Device this is.
uint32_t DeviceIndex
Device ** StorageDevices
 Future: List of Storage Devices. Will change type during implementation.
uint32_t NumberOfStorageDevices
 Number of Storage Devices.
void * PrivateProtocolData
 Private Protocol Data.
void(* Destructor )(Device *self)
 Destructor. More...

Detailed Description

Brief Device base class.

All Device types inherit this base struct.

Member Data Documentation

void( * Device::Destructor) (Device *self)


Destructs the Device and all base structs.

selfPointer to the struct itself.
No return value.
uint32_t Device::DeviceIndex

Which Device Index this device has.

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