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zForceTypes.h File Reference
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struct  CartesianCoordinates
 Struct representing a coordinate. More...
struct  TouchActiveArea
 This structure represents the Touch Active Area of a sensor. More...
struct  ReverseTouchActiveArea
 This structure represents whether the Touch Active Area coordinates are reversed or not. More...


typedef struct zForce zForce
typedef struct Connection Connection
typedef struct Device Device
typedef struct PlatformDevice PlatformDevice
typedef struct SensorDevice SensorDevice
typedef struct CoreDevice CoreDevice
typedef struct AirDevice AirDevice
typedef struct PlusDevice PlusDevice
typedef struct LightingDevice LightingDevice
typedef struct Protocol Protocol
typedef struct ProtocolEntry ProtocolEntry
typedef struct Transport Transport
typedef struct TransportEntry TransportEntry
typedef struct DataFrame DataFrame
typedef struct StreamingDataFrame StreamingDataFrame
typedef struct Message Message
typedef struct EnableMessage EnableMessage
typedef struct DisableMessage DisableMessage
typedef struct OperationModesMessage OperationModesMessage
typedef struct ResolutionMessage ResolutionMessage
typedef struct TouchActiveAreaMessage TouchActiveAreaMessage
typedef struct TouchMessage TouchMessage
typedef struct NumberOfTrackedObjectsMessage NumberOfTrackedObjectsMessage
typedef struct FingerFrequencyMessage FingerFrequencyMessage
typedef struct IdleFrequencyMessage IdleFrequencyMessage
typedef struct DetectedObjectSizeRestrictionMessage DetectedObjectSizeRestrictionMessage
typedef struct ReverseTouchActiveAreaMessage ReverseTouchActiveAreaMessage
typedef struct McuUniqueIdentifierMessage McuUniqueIdentifierMessage
typedef struct OffsetMessage OffsetMessage
typedef struct HidDisplaySizeMessage HidDisplaySizeMessage
typedef struct FlipXYMessage FlipXYMessage
typedef struct ReflectiveEdgeFilterMessage ReflectiveEdgeFilterMessage
typedef struct MergeTouchesMessage MergeTouchesMessage
typedef struct TouchModeMessage TouchModeMessage
typedef struct FloatingProtectionMessage FloatingProtectionMessage
typedef enum DeviceType DeviceType
typedef enum MessageType MessageType
typedef enum MessageGroup MessageGroup
typedef enum MessageAction MessageAction
typedef enum OperationModes OperationModes
typedef enum TouchEvent TouchEvent
typedef enum TouchOrientation TouchOrientation
typedef enum TouchModes TouchModes
typedef struct CartesianCoordinates CartesianCoordinates
typedef struct TouchActiveArea TouchActiveArea
typedef struct ReverseTouchActiveArea ReverseTouchActiveArea


enum  DeviceType {
  None = 0, Platform = 1, Sensor = 2, Core = 4,
  Air = 8, Plus = 16, Lighting = 32
 Enum describing the different device types that exists.
enum  MessageType {
  EnableMessageType, DisableMessageType, OperationModesMessageType, ResolutionMessageType,
  TouchActiveAreaMessageType, TouchMessageType, DetectedObjectSizeRestrictionMessageType, NumberOfTrackedObjectsMessageType,
  FingerFrequencyMessageType, IdleFrequencyMessageType, ReverseTouchActiveAreaMessageType, McuUniqueIdentifierMessageType,
  OffsetMessageType, HidDisplaySizeMessageType, FlipXYMessageType, ReflectiveEdgeFilterMessageType,
  MergeTouchesMessageType, TouchModeMessageType, FloatingProtectionMessageType, HighestValidMessageType = FloatingProtectionMessageType
 Enum describing the different message types that exists.
enum  MessageGroup { Request, Response, Notification, HighestValidMessageGroup = Notification }
 Enum describing the different groups a message can belong to.
enum  MessageAction { GetAction, SetAction }
 Enum describing the action of a message. More...
enum  OperationModes {
  NoOperationMode = 0, DetectionMode = 1, SignalsMode = 2, LedLevelsMode = 4,
  DetectionHidMode = 8, GesturesMode = 16, HighestValidOperationMode = (GesturesMode * 2) - 1
 Enum describing the OperationModes that a sensor can operate in. More...
enum  TouchEvent {
  DownEvent, MoveEvent, UpEvent, InvalidEvent,
 Enum describing what state a touch can be in. More...
enum  TouchOrientation { PortraitOrientation, LandscapeOrientation }
 Enum describing what orientation touches are generated in. More...
enum  TouchModes { NormalTouchMode, ClickOnTouchTouchMode }
 Enum describing what touch mode a device can be in. More...

Detailed Description

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct AirDevice AirDevice
See also
struct AirDevice
See also
enum CartesianCoordinates
typedef struct Connection Connection
See also
struct Connection
typedef struct CoreDevice CoreDevice
See also
struct CoreDevice
typedef struct DataFrame DataFrame
See also
struct DataFrame
typedef struct Device Device
See also
struct Device
typedef enum DeviceType DeviceType
See also
enum DeviceType
See also
struct DisableMessage
typedef struct EnableMessage EnableMessage
See also
struct EnableMessage
See also
struct FingerFrequencyMessage
typedef struct FlipXYMessage FlipXYMessage
See also
struct FlipXYMessage
See also
struct FloatingProtectionMessage
See also
struct HidDisplaySizeMessage
See also
struct IdleFrequencyMessage
See also
struct LightingDevice
See also
struct MergeTouchesMessage
typedef struct Message Message
See also
struct Message
See also
enum MessageAction
typedef enum MessageGroup MessageGroup
See also
enum MessageGroup
typedef enum MessageType MessageType
See also
enum MessageType
typedef struct OffsetMessage OffsetMessage
See also
struct OffsetMessage
See also
enum OperationModes
See also
struct OperationModesMessage
See also
struct PlatformDevice
typedef struct PlusDevice PlusDevice
See also
struct PlusDevice
typedef struct Protocol Protocol
See also
struct Protocol
typedef struct ProtocolEntry ProtocolEntry
See also
struct ProtocolEntry
See also
struct ReflectiveEdgeMessage
See also
struct ResolutionMessage
See also
enum ReverseTouchActiveArea
typedef struct SensorDevice SensorDevice
See also
struct SensorDevice
See also
struct StreamingDataFrame
See also
enum TouchActiveArea
See also
struct TouchActiveAreaMessage
typedef enum TouchEvent TouchEvent
See also
enum TouchEvent
typedef struct TouchMessage TouchMessage
See also
struct TouchMessage
See also
struct TouchModeMessage
typedef enum TouchModes TouchModes
See also
enum TouchModes
See also
enum TouchOrientation
typedef struct Transport Transport
See also
struct Transport
See also
struct TransportEntry
typedef struct zForce zForce
See also
struct zForce

Enumeration Type Documentation

Enum describing the action of a message.


Get information from device.


Set information on device.

Enum describing the OperationModes that a sensor can operate in.


No Mode set.


Detection Mode (Touch).


Signals Mode.


Led Levels Mode.


Detection Mode for Hid Devices.


Gestures Mode.


Special value used for error checking.

enum TouchEvent

Enum describing what state a touch can be in.


New Touch object detected.


The Touch object is moving.


The Touch object is no longer detected.


Invalid Touch event reported by Device.


Ghost touch detected.

enum TouchModes

Enum describing what touch mode a device can be in.


Touch Mode is set to Normal.


Touch Mode is set to Click on Touch.

Enum describing what orientation touches are generated in.


Object is in Portrait orientation.


Object is in Landscape orientation.