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HidDisplaySizeMessage.h File Reference

A HidDisplaySizeMessage that contains the Hid Display Size. More...

#include <Message.h>
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struct  HidDisplaySizeMessage
 This structure represents a Hid Display Size Message. More...


DLLINTERNAL HidDisplaySizeMessageHidDisplaySizeMessage_New (MessageGroup messageGroup, uint32_t size)
 Internal constructor for HidDisplaySizeMessage. More...

Detailed Description

A HidDisplaySizeMessage that contains the Hid Display Size.

Function Documentation

DLLINTERNAL HidDisplaySizeMessage* HidDisplaySizeMessage_New ( MessageGroup  messageGroup,
uint32_t  size 

Internal constructor for HidDisplaySizeMessage.

Do not use this, but use the Factory creator instead.

On failure, see errno.

messageGroupMessageGroup of Message.
sizeIf this is used as a base class for another class, set size to non-zero.
Pointer to HidDisplaySizeMessage.