Both senor modules share the same in-air technology, but the main difference between the two products is that the AirBar is a finished consumer product whilst the Touch Sensor Module is intended for development/integrating into customers own solutions. Neither sensor needs any drivers to work, it is simply Plug-and-Play.

The AirBar has a larger sturdier case to protect the sensor module, and can be connected to a PC as a USB HID device. This means that the AirBar cannot be configured using I2C (Arduino-compatible) device unlike the Touch Sensor Module.

Neonode has discontinued AirBar development, production, sale and support year 2020. 

Since the Touch Sensor Module can both be connected through I2C and USB HID, the sensor module is recommended for development use. We have created some get-started applications that you can use to get started with your own solutions more efficiently. In order to change the device configuration, you can use one of the following solutions, or create your own.

To read more about the Touch Sensor Module's connector pins, please refer to Electrical Integration.

Please contact Neonode Support  team for further information.

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