OS test

The standard way to connect the TSM is over USB as a HID Digitizer. The protocol and hardware are supported by many operating systems (OS).
The goal of the test is to verify the functionality of the TSM for several operating systems such as Windows and Linux.

HW protocol test

The standard HW protocols of the TSM is I2C & USB.
The goal of the test is to verify the identification, communication and compliance of the hardware protocols. 

Software test

The software suite for the TSM can be dividend into several types of software

  • Functional (operational) software
  • Configuration
  • Tools and diagnostics
  • SDK

The TSM have two major APIs for supporting operation and (runtime) communication. One additional API is the DFU mode for flashing firmware and persistent configuration to the TSM.

  • HID Digitizer over USB
  • ASN.1 over I2C and USB
  • DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode over USB

The goal for the test is to verify the communication and functionality of the TSM using the APIs.

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